There are many good reasons to visit Iceland in winter - the off-season crowds, the higher probability of chancing on the elusive northern lights, the magnificent half-frozen waterfalls, the pristine snowscapes and the gratifying sensation of being able to jump into a warm geothermal pool when you are freezing cold outside! And topping the list of must-dos is to explore an ice-cave!

With the erratic weather conditions in Iceland, a visit can be dangerous as ice-caves are known to be unstable in an ever-changing glacier landscape. There is always a real risk of collapse.

Therefore it is important to join a local guided tour rather than exploring alone. We chose to go with Glacier Adventures as recommended by our favourite Iceland blogger - iheartreykjavik. Glacier Adventures is a family owned business operating out of Hali Country Hotel in Hofn where we stayed for 2 nights. Our initial booked date was cancelled due to intermittent snow blizzards and strong gale winds but fortunately, there was a window the following morning where the weather took a turn for the better and the tour was allowed to continue. It was comforting to know that they take safety as top priority!

The journey into the ice cave was an experience of glacier walks on crampons, bridge crossings across ravines, and canvassing rock edges with carabiners securing us to safety lines. Halfway into our trek, a light snow blizzard ensued and the surrounding black rocks transformed into a field snowy wonderland. What a sight!

Upon descending into the ice cave, we were surrounded by beauty that is out of this world. With light rays streaming in through the glacier above, the reflecting multi shades of blue is just unworldly. Nothing like we ever seen before, it was nature's masterpiece. Truly an awe-struck experience that is going to stay with us for a very long time!